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Who doesn’t want to make money while having someone else do all the work? Owning a gorgeous vacation rental does not have to be hard! With, we will handle the property management and guests, while you enjoy life. Buying a home in the Dade and Broward area of Florida or other desirable markets as a short-term vacation rental property could be just what you are looking for. Receive 100% return of your initial investment plus a rate of return of 20% - 25%. Become a investor and open a door to success!


Be a part of history and become a proprietor in Home Vacation Rentals.
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Experience has over 23 years of experience in managing properties and catering to create income for rental properties. We have continued to learn and grow even with the ebbs and flows of the economy.

The Best Kept Secret

Individuals are starting to catch onto the trend of vacationing together with friends and families. There is now an immense growth in the need for large vacation rental properties for these groups!  The global vacation rental industry is due to grow to around $436.9 billion in 2022. This number is expected to grow at a rate of 5.3% every year. Now is the time to jump into this trend and make a real splash!

The Ideal Market

Fort Lauderdale and Miami to name a few areas of Southern Florida are ideal areas for vacations! From the gorgeous beaches in Miami to the incredible art and shopping experiences, and the delicious food and inviting nightlife, there is something for every type of vacationer. 

Costs Low, Quality & Control High

We run lean and mean, controlling everything in house, and outsourcing to professionals where needed. This keeps costs low and quality and control high.

Well Honed Investment Strategy

With over $30M in past transactions with our collective brands,, Vacazon, and Rebo Realty, we have endeavored to develop a well-honed investment strategy.

One of a Kind Experience

We are committed to providing an exceptional experience to each of our guests. We also are equally committed to providing proprietors with our commitment to transparency in all aspects of operations.

Buy Right, Earn Right

Buying a property anywhere around South Florida is the ideal luxury rental investment property. Not only can you have a relaxing spot to vacation with your family, but also earn your investment back and make money while letting handle every step of the rental process. Ensuring our clients earn their investment back and have passive income is one of our focuses. Buying the right investment property and having handle the rental process helps you to earn right!




Short-term vacation rentals, property management, real estate sales, light to medium property remodel, and licensing the property with all applicable properties.


FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS is a family business that manages perfect luxury properties nationwide. By handling all the rental, staging, and cleaning aspects, provides flawless service and attention to detail, to ensure the best outcome for investments.

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Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the United States. With more than 7,700 lakes, 11,000 miles of rivers, and 2,276 miles of shoreline, you will always find somewhere to relax. With the sun shining almost every day and temperatures averaging 72 degrees year round, you can enjoy outdoor activities any time. With it’s world-renowned resorts, amusement parks, golf courses, and cuisine there is something for people of all ages to enjoy. Take your family to Disney World on family vacation or enjoy the diverse nightlife on a couples or friend trip.  If you love the outdoors, take a tour of in the Everglades National Park to see local wildlife or go surfing on the waves of Palm Beach’s Reef Road. Florida has attractions and fun around every corner for individuals of all ages. 


  • What is the minimum investment amount?
    If you are an American investor, you can receive a loan with only putting 20% down. If you are an overseas investor, you would only need a 30% down payment.
  • What is the Preferred Return?
    Your rentals will cover all expenses for the property including mortgage and taxes plus utilities. As a bonus, you will get to use the property for your vacation for free!
  • What is the Target Return?
    15% - 20% Net IRR
  • Are there any incentives for buying a larger investment property or more than one property?
    The more money you invest, the more properties you will be able to generate. This ensures that if one property does not have a booking for a certain set of dates, the other may which means the other will still have your back.
  • How Does the Process start?
    We will help you find the perfect property and get you in contact with a brokerage, help do light remodeling, get the property registered with all officials, marketed, and rented out.
  • How can the investor block their stay at their investment property?
    With we allow the proprietor to have access to the back end of the rental, so they can see when their property is being rented and block out dates for them to use the property themselves.
  • What is a renter looking for in a vacation rental?
    Vacation renters all love a property that has a pool, ensuite bathroom, and is waterfront. If possible, the prefer to be in a location that is as East as possible and close to the beach, for example east of the 95 interstate.
  • What do we suggest for an acquisition?
    The best way to ensure income is with a home that is 4,000 sq. feet, 6+ bedrooms, 4+ bathrooms, pool, and waterfront. A condo-hotel or smaller home can also be profitable if the investor would like to start out small.
  • Why is South Florida the ideal market?
    Florida is the sunshine state with 365 days of vacation a year. The sun resides in South Florida with at least 237 days a year of sun. From the beautiful beaches, world-class shopping, and delectable cuisine, there is no better vacation spot.
  • What is our goal with you investing with us?
    Our goal is that once you start with one property, you will immediately want even more once you see the market has a large return rate! If you see the forecast showing the market will be low, we will already be working on strategies and seeing what is up for grabs to make you more money. We also will have an automatic notification system to show you new listings as they become available.
  • If I were to decide to invest today, when would the property be ready to rent out?
    We will be as aggressive as possible in showing you the correct property, negotiating price and minor remodeling, entering it into rental program including scheduling all marketing techniques, distribute in many channels including travel agents. The season is coming for the market to be hot, so it’s best to strike now.
  • How long should I keep my investment?
    You don’t have to be rushed to sell the property, keep it as long as you like. You could even buy more properties, there is no limit. If you wanted to sell the property after 2 or 3 years, we can help sell it for a great value and upgrade you to a larger property.
  • What are the benefits of mortgaging part of the fund?
    When purchasing a property, it would be in your best interest to mortgage the property because it has the biggest tax benefit, and it offsets a large part of the income generated from cash flow. Also, the real estate tax and mortgage tax are all tax deductible.
  • Are you interested in partnering up with other investors or creating a group investment?
    We can help you join ventures with other partners to invest together to have as many rental properties as you’d like.
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No matter what the market looks like, everyone will need a roof over their head. That’s why buying homes is always a good investment.


Homes in the perfect spot is key. Wherever there is a lot of vacation and tourist business is the perfect spot to invest in a property.


Choosing the best investment endeavor is always important. Understanding the market and looking for opportunities to buy an investment that will continue to prosper is valuable.


Understanding how to create cash flow by investing in valuable properties will always be crucial. Investing in something that will bring cash flow now is what matters and any additional appreciation is a plus. 

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